Free from gluten, refined sugars and cruelty (vegan friendly)

Rest assured there are no nastie gums or preservatives in our bakery.

MessySpoon - Wholefoods Kitchen


MessySpoon is a fast growing whole-foods Artisan manufacturer. Born as a result of observing a huge gap in the market for real, nourishing gluten free products that weren't just loaded with sugar, E numbers, preservatives, gums and empty fillers.

We’re here to help you provide your customers with deliciously healthy alternatives that don't compromise on flavour or texture.

About MessySpoon

Established in 2019, MessySpoon is an artisan bakery that lovingly crafts gluten free and vegan friendly wholefoods for Sydneysiders, which shine a spotlight on the highest quality, Australian grown wholefood ingredients. 

Its mission is to bring true nourishment to customers, by developing delicious, soul quenching baked goods that are approachable and accessible to all. Think healthy food, with a unique and thoughtful twist that has everyone, from mums and their kids, to busy office and shift workers, and the elderly coming back for more.

  • Stuart Toon, Exec Chef Rocker Bondi:

    "Definitely the most interesting and delicious gluten free bread we have ever used at Rocker. We cant go back to crappy, average, cardboard bread any more"

  • Lauren B, Bakery doors regular:

    "Absolutely LOVE that you sell delicious whole-foods treats straight out your production bakery! So good, keep it up please!"

  • Gareth Howard, Exec Chef seagrass hospitality:

    "Finally found gluten free and vegan friendly baked goods that are actually affordable and approachable for my venues to offer their customers"

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