We are very passionate about health and wellbeing through food and diet but we are not dietitians or doctors. Please seek medical advice before following a strict diet or if you are unsure about any of our products.

Our products are healthy based on the research provided to us by professionals over many years, and what we believe from that to be the most sustainable, nutritious and delicious formulations of local wholefood ingredients.

Even though we are a completely Vegan Bakery some of our products will be pictured with animal products to show serving suggestions. Our bakery is about inclusivity, and we hope for as many people to be able to enjoy our health focused, vegan, gluten free & refined sugar free products as possible - without any judgement from, or towards anyone.

All of our baked goods are made, sliced and packed by hand. We do our best to ensure absolutely no contamination from external sources occurs. Never before has this occurred but should you find something in one of our products that shouldn't be there please let us know straight away.

All of our baked goods are made, sliced and packed by hand. Some variances occur in shape, colour and size between each batch. This should only be minimal. If you believe anything to be out of sorts then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly at any time.