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Are your products safe for coeliacs?

Yes they are, we are an entirely gluten free bakery. All of Good gut loaves, brownies and cookies are lab tested for Gluten contamination every year and are certified “no gluten detected”

How long does the GGL last and how should I store it best?

The GGL should last up 10-12 days in the fridge, always store below 5*C

What's GGL stand for?

That’s our abbreviation for our “Good Gut Loaf”

What does “sprouted” mean?

This is where we soak the quinoa in water overnight and then once rinsed we then allow the grains to “sprout” (little sprouts appear from each grain) their individual hull, opening up the enzymes in the grain to be more easily absorbed.

How is the GGL good for your gut?

In a few ways, the GGL contains lots of insoluble and soluble fibre which helps not only feed the good bacteria in your gut but also aids water absorption in cells within the gut lining which aids bowel movements and a healthy home for good bacteria to grow. It also contains polyphenols which are a prebiotic. We use extra virgin olive oil which as a good fat helps the lining of the gut walls to be maintained well and increases the absorption of nutrients.

Do any of your products contain dairy or animal products?

No, we use absolutely no animal products at all, and we never will.

Do any of the products you use contain refined sugars?

No, every product we use throughout the whole kitchen is refined sugar free, even down to the chocolate and dried fruits. We are very strict and passionate about this, and it's proudly one of our unique characteristics as a bakery.