Good Gut Loaf Instructions... Not for the faint hearted!

Good Gut Loaf Instructions... Not for the faint hearted!

On receiving take a moment to appreciate the earthy and homey, bio-degradable packaging, and the lovely labels created by Sophie Charnley, the wonderful illustrator.

Check the use by date on the back, it should be lasting 12 days.....please simply refrigerate and slice as you need for the first week....IF you haven't finished it then slice the loaf up and with a bit of baking paper in between each slice, pop them back in the bag, do up the tin tie and freeze forever.

NOTE: From frozen the dear GGL takes an age to toast, be patient, it's worth it!

PORTIONS: One slice should be enough, we are greedy and we only even really need one...but don't blame us if you want two, have two, then get full and don't feel the need to snack because the GGL has done its job and kept you not hungry for a good few hours...

SLICING as you please, but know that a thick and blunt bread knife might not be the best tool for beautiful instagram worthy shots. We recommend a sharp serrated victorenox is possible.

TOASTING Our lovely loaf does take some toasting...we want nice golden seeds and crusts please people!

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