Strawberries & Cream Smoothie Bowls

Strawberries & Cream Smoothie Bowls

A healthy, Fro-Yo inspired Strawberries & Cream!

Serves 2 deliciously greedy adults, but many many babies.

You will need....(approximately) 1 x frozen banana, 2 hand-full's frozen strawberries, 1/2 frozen avocado, few spoons of frozen raspberries, 2 dollops of unsweetened coconut yogurt.

1. If you have a good blender then chuck it all in and process until smooth and creamy.

2. If you don't have such a thing then you can use a stick blender! Carefully chop all the frozen ingredients up and place in a deep mixing bowl with the yogurt. with patience blend on turbo until smooth.

3. Top with anything you like that is crunchy, nutritious and delicious. Enjoy straight away.x

Tips: You could make into icy polls that are totally kid friendly and amazing. You could also freeze into little blocks/ice trays to have on hand to stir through porridge, yogurt or even chia pudding.

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